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Dorner Reindl

Fillet of pork, mushroom sauce with potato cakes and vegetables

[Egg, gluten, milk, soy]


Fillet of pork, pepper sauce

with vegetables and croquettes

Medaillon Pfeffer 1

[Egg, milk, celery, mustard, soy]


Pork Chop with garlic butter

bacon beans and French fries

Kotelett Kraeuterbutter 1

[Milk, mustard, sesame]


Cordon Bleu with French fries

Cordon bleu

[Egg, gluten, milk, sulphites]


Wiener Schnitzel with French fries


[Egg, gluten, sulphites]


Braised pork cutlet, button mushroom sauce

with buttered vegetables and rice

Champignonschnitzel 2

[Egg, gluten, milk, celery, soy]