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With this Data Protection Declaration Dorner meets his statutory information obligations in regard to protection of personal data. The legal foundations emerge in particular from the following regulations:

When using the websites, general data and information from Dorner or third-party providers (eg access numbers, downloading of certain documents, country of origin of the user) are collected for statistical purposes. The statistics obtained from these data are used to improve the websites suited to your needs. Personal data is not collected in this context and cannot be derived from the statistics. Dorner is also entitled to pass the statistics on to third parties. In order to facilitate a more comfortable use of the Internet offer cookies may be used and saved to your computer or device when using the websites. You expressly agree to the use of this technology. You are free to accept or completely refuse cookies by means of the respective setting of your browser. For technical reasons, the use of the websites or individual services may not be possible or only to a limited extent if cookies are rejected. You agree that the information you or your devices provide may be collected, processed, stored and used for purposes of accounting, internal market research and marketing purposes. This data is used by Dorner to comply with legal requirements, the handling of payment transactions and for advertising purposes. You also agree to the transfer of the data to Dorner as well as the affiliates expressly listed on these websites which may use them for the purposes set out above. You hereby also expressly agree to the sending of advertising material by Dorner as well as by affiliated companies expressly stated on these websites.

If there is a possibility to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) within the Internet site (on the websites), the user is transmitting such data voluntarily. The use and payment of all offered services is permitted – as far as technically possible and reasonable – without the provision of such data or under specification of anonymised data or a pseudonym. The use of contact data such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses published by third parties for the transmission of information not expressly requested is not permitted. Legal steps against the senders of so-called spam mails in the event of violations of this prohibition are expressly reserved.